Looking for a developer that you can count on?

You just found him! My #1 goal is to build long-lasting relationships with my clients by delivering high-quality work. I only take on projects that I know I have the knowledge and resources to see it to completion. Contact me to discuss your project today (it’s free).

Why should you hire me?

I have been building web applications using WordPress, Drupal and PHP since more than 10 years now. I have build web applications for businesses with over a million dollars in revenue as well as large multi-national corporations. 

There is only one common thing between them: they all love to work with me. In fact, I am very proud to say that all of my clients have given me repeat business and referred people to me. 

But, just don’t take my word for it. See my reviews on Codeable here.

Yatin was simply outstanding on our engagement. He completed our project well ahead of schedule and expectations in spite of unforseen obstacles & roadblocks on our part. He responded to all questions immediately. We can also tell you this…if he says he can do something technical you can be sure he can. We strongly recommend Yatin


Yatin’s persistence and demeanor is a breath of fresh air. He is an absolute – and extremely capable – professional.


It was a pleasure working with Yatin! He is an excellent communicator and delivered the project as expected, plus helped make adjustments and tweaks as they arose. I will gladly hire Yatin again. Thank you!


Really liked working with Yatin. He came up with a great solution, and worked well with us the entire time. I look forward to working with him again.


How can I help ?

WordPress Development

Custom WordPress themes, custom WordPress plugins, or building custom applications using Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms or WP Forms, I can do it all.

Drupal Development

I started off developing Drupal 5 themes and then moved on to developing custom web applications using Drupal 6 & 7. Doing a Drupal 8 application is in my to-do so hopefully get a chance soon.

Automation using WordPress

Do you use Excel to manage your business and would like to use your existing WordPress website to integrate with it? I can make custom WordPress application which can take your Excel workflow and integrate it with your existing website.

Landing Page Design

Don’t like paying for each time you want to create a landing page? Hire me to create a custom template for you and then you can make as many landing page as you want right from your WordPress website.

Graphic Design

Need lots of marketing images for your business? I can provide you customized images and animation videos for you at a fixed monthly cost.


Bots? You’ve surely heard that term recently or at least read about it. I can create a custom bot for your business which can help sell you more items on Facebook. You can also use them on your website as a help agent.

Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel, and more

Need help with your Laravel project or want to use an excellent Tailwind CSS framework with Drupal/WordPress, please get in touch with me. I can combine Laravel with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js to develop rapid prototypes for your startup ideas.

Some of my work

Custom Drupal Module

Custom Drupal module to show associate locations on a map. Built using Views which provided a real-time JSON feed of the locations based on logged-in user role.

Custom WordPress Map

Custom WordPress module to display realtor locations based on State. On clicking on a map, a pop-up displays details about the realtors. The user can initiate contact with the realtor by filling out a form.

Searchable Booth Map

Custom WordPress module which displays a meeting room with booths available for rent. It also allows the listing to be filtered by company name which rented the booths. The booths can be marked from the backend if sold. A PDF map was converted to an SVG map to display this.

Equipment selector

Custom WordPress plugin which extends Gravity Forms to create a product selection form. The user selects parameters and then the form acts as a suggestion engine to suggest an equipment which fits the user’s needs the best. Integrated with Shopify for purchasing.

Quote Submission Application

Custom WordPress plugin which extends Gravity Forms to replace Excel based insurance quote generation tool. The tool listed all submitted quotes in one-place based on logged-in user roles. The broker can submit and download a PDF proposal for submission to prospects. 

Fleet tracking system

Custom WordPress plugin which extends Gravity Forms and WordPress multi-site installation to provide a dashboard for fleet owners to track their fleet and assets.

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